The Woodland

The woodland was planted at the end of 2013 with support from The Woodland Trust and planted by the tour de force – Fred Standing from Millward Forestry.  The woodland consists of a mix of native and naturalised trees such as oak, hazel, hornbeam, rowan, beech, sweet chestnut, wild cherry, and crab apple and is now recognisable as an emerging woodland.  We have avoided the use of chemicals and used mulch mats to inhibit weed growth, helping the trees to get away to a good start.   We also used tree guards to reduce deer (and rabbit) damage.

We have created a woodland walk, which winds through the trees and allows exploration and immersion in the woodland environment. If you are lucky you might find the open circle for group activities and the woodland pond, and other features are likely to evolve in time to add interest for the explorer!…  You may also be lucky enough to see deer, rabbits, or a fox, and often a buzzard can be seen flying overhead!

As the woodland grows, it will lend itself to becoming an increasingly valued resource for activities, such as green woodworking, which is already happening, and could include forest schooling, nursery play, scouting and guiding activity as and when suitable connections are made.