The Woodland


Originally planted at the end of 2013 with support from The Woodland Trust and planted by the tour de force – Fred Standing from Millward Forestry; the woodland, consisting of a mix of native and naturalised trees such as oak, hazel, hornbeam, rowan, beech, sweet chestnut, wild cherry, and crab apple, is now recognisable as an emerging woodland, where initially it had just been a field of green tubes to protect the young trees from the voracious deer.  We have avoided the use of chemicals and used mulch mats to inhibit weed growth and to help the trees get away to a good start.

We are working on creating a woodland walk, which will join up with an open circle for group activities and are looking at creating points of interest along the way, such as a small ‘scrape’ – a shallow seasonal pond, other wildlife habitat features, and maybe we will find some local artists who might like to create a sculpture in a clearing or somebody will come up with something that we haven’t even thought of yet…

As the woodland grows, it will lend itself to becoming an increasingly valued resource for activities which could include forest schooling, green woodworking, nursery play, scouting and guiding activity, etc.

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