The Bees

Our apiary at The Garden House started in 2016 with Andy and Sue setting up the first hives, but we are very pleased to have been joined by Nic, beekeeping at The Garden House since 2020.

For anyone wanting to find a route to beekeeping, we highly recommend becoming a member of a local Beekeeping Association. Between us, we have trained with both Farnham and Guildford Beekeeping Associations and have found them to be a great source of knowledge – very helpful people with lots of useful contacts and keeping us up to date with the constantly changing issues affecting beekeeping.  There is a lot involved in beekeeping and we are constantly learning. 

Farnham Beekeepers – A division of the Surrey Beekeepers Association –

Guildford Beekeepers Association – A division of the Surrey Beekeepers Association –

The British Beekeepers Association –

We endeavour to keep both our and visiting bees supported by encouraging plants producing suitable nectar rich flowers year round on the estate.

Borage for the bees!