The Bees

Our apiary at The Garden House started in 2016.  Andy and Sue, our resident beekeepers went on a beekeeping course with the Farnham Beekeeping Association which was really helpful!  We are aiming to maintain 2 to 3 colonies.  There is a lot involved in keeping bees and we are constantly learning, but we have had some lovely honey!  We will endeavour to keep both our and visiting bees supported with favourable plantings of suitable flowers year round on the estate.

For any newcomers wanting to start beekeeping, we would certainly recommend making contact with your local beekeeping association, as they are very helpful, have lots of useful contacts and keep you up to date with the constantly changing issues affecting beekeeping.

The British Beekeepers Association –

Farnham Beekeepers – A division of the Surrey Beekeepers Association –

Guildford Beekeepers Association – A division of the Surrey Beekeepers Association –


Borage for the bees!