Thursday Pop-In

To bring together the various people who have been helping or are interested in what we are doing at The Garden House, we have now created the “Thursday Pop-In”. This starts from 10am, most weeks.  We start with a morning session, but if you choose to stay on, or can only come later, we are usually around until 4pm.  We are aiming to meet various needs, abilities and availabilities.

Tasks depend on people’s abilities, interests, seasonal activities and priorities to help The Garden House estate continue on its quest for combining a wildlife habitat with a place for people to enjoy.

Activities will be spread across the estate, involving the development of the garden, establishing and maintaining the pond area, woodland and orchard.  We hope we can find ways for you to build a connection with The Garden House and for you to benefit in multiple ways, be that learning new skills, having your own project here, learning from our environment, taking away produce, making friends and most importantly, enjoying the experience!

If you would like to have some time during these Thursday Pop-in sessions to just enjoy the estate and not take part in group activities, then that is also fine.  Please contact us prior to visiting, so that we can make the best arrangements.