The Pond

The pond was created in 2015, and beautifully shaped with puddled clay by local groundworker Richard Field and his team.  With the assistance of volunteers from The Growth Team from Surrey Choices, The Welcome Project and The Halow Project, the landscaping has been honed, trees and shrubs planted, and the pond planted with a wide selection of water and marginal plants, with wildflower seed scattered to create a beautiful and wildlife friendly area.

Already we have seen a wealth of creatures visiting and making homes here, with swallows swooping down and feeding from the water’s surface, ducks and geese swimming around, water boatmen establishing themselves and frogs, toads and newts hopping, hiding and swimming around.

A timber platform has been built to allow easy access to the waters edge around a shallower area specifically created for fun and education.


Please contact us if you or your group would like to visit and enjoy the beautiful environment that we have been working hard to create.