The Garden

The Garden comes alive when people are enjoying, learning and taking part in activities in the garden. Knowledge and experience is shared and together we strive to find the balance between being wildlife friendly and productive. The two aims are often at odds, but despite the difficulties and necessary compromises, we are up for the challenge!

The garden has been designed as both an accessible educational and therapeutic space.  As well as learning about gardening and wildlife, producing fruit and vegetables and sampling the results of  their efforts, people are also able to simply enjoy being immersed in the garden, whether doing a practical task or just enjoying the seasonal atmosphere – being surrounded by plants, flowers, bees and butterflies. 

The garden is fairly compact at around 170 square metres, but as a learning resource we are hoping that examples will be relevant to help and inspire people in their own gardens, showing what is possible.  Starting small and gardening well is what we try to achieve.

With a polytunnel and garden workshop, activity and participation can usually continue in The Garden, even in poor weather.

In keeping with the wider sustainable themes of the estate, the garden uses natural methods of fertility building and physical and cultural techniques for pest control, rather than chemical approaches, making it a healthy place to be and to eat from.

If you are interested in buying produce or have suggestions for produce outlets, then please contact us.  Any Proceeds from garden produce sales goes back into the garden and the activities which we support.

We are very happy to be contacted regarding interests that you have in The Garden.  It is great to collaborate with people and projects, adding value to what we do and the role that we can play within our community.