The Garden


The aim is to create a wildlife friendly and productive garden.  The two focuses are often at odds, but despite the difficulties and necessary compromises, we are up for the challenge!

The garden will be a resource where people can learn about wildlife needs, produce fruit and vegetables, and enjoy the scents and visual pleasure of a diverse beautiful garden designed to be accessible – whether able bodied or not.  The addition of a polytunnel and garden workshop will provide shelter and allow activity and participation in all weathers.

Still in the early days of planning, we are thinking about producing herbs, fruit bushes and salad as some of our produce.

The garden is fairly small, at around 170 square metres, but as a learning resource, we are hoping to make this a transferable learning resource to help and inspire people in their own gardens and to show what is possible.  Starting small and doing it well is what we would like to do here.

The garden will continue the theme of the site, using natural methods of fertility building, and physical and cultural techniques for pest control, rather than chemical approaches.  It will be a healthy place to spend time and to eat from!

We are very happy to be contacted regarding interests that you have in aspects of The Garden House project and how you or people you know can become involved.  Linking with other people and projects is what brings the project alive and adds value to what we do.

If you are interested in being an outlet for any of our produce or even suggesting what we might grow for you or your business, then please contact us.