The Orchard

Our orchard was planted by volunteers and The Garden House team in March of 2014.  It consists of a wide selection of apples, with pears, plums, greengages and quince, and is surrounded by a hedgerow containing damsons, crab apples, hazel nuts, and almond trees.

The trees were selected to produce fruit for a variety of uses, the largest selection is of apples chosen for different attributes: eaters (good straight from the trees from late August to potentially early November) cookers, apples good for juicing, crab apples for jellies and jams,specialist cider apples, short and long keepers.  With different blossoming times we are able to hedge our bets against frost damage and support our bees and wildlife for an extended period, whilst creating a visual spectacle over several months!  We are also supporting local varieties, such as Claygate Pearmain and Red Pixie.

You can see a plan of our orchard here

Expected harvest times can be seen here

Maintenance of the orchard is undertaken without the use of chemicals, creating natural fertility, working towards a balanced ecosystem, creating a healthy environment and great fruit!

We are very grateful to a number of people for helping to make the orchard what it is, to those members of the local community who helped to plant the orchard, to The Growth Team from Surrey Choices, who have helped with the maintenance and fertility of the orchard, to  The Welcome Project, who have been helping to create our orchard information resource and to the young people and volunteers at Skillway in Godalming, who have made name tags for the trees.  We much appreciate all the support we have received and hope that the orchard and its fruit give a lot of pleasure and satisfaction for many years to come!