Sustainability Links

There is a mass of useful information about sustainable land-use on the internet now.  If you are wondering where to start, might we suggest a few really good resources, and please feel free to let us know if you have resources or links that you think we should add.

Other inspiring projects, organisations, people and resources

The Coppice Plot – Managing woodlands in order to produce coppice products ranging from top quality Pembrokeshire charcoal to a variety of beautiful greenwood work items

FarmEd – Centre for agroecological farming education and development –

The Freshwater Habitat’s Trust – aiming to protect freshwater life for everyone to enjoy

Froglife – conserving amphibians and reptiles – frogs ,toads, newts, snakes and lizards 

ARG UK – Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK – ‘promotes the conservation of our native amphibians and reptiles and their environment’

Buglife – ‘saving the small things that run the planet’ – website includes section on resources

Permaculture Association (Britain) – supporting ecological design approaches

The Oxford Real Farming Conference

Charles Dowding – no dig grower

Ferme du Bec Hellouin

Richard Perkins and Ridgedale Farm, AB

Joel Salatin’s Farm

Ragmans Lane Farm – sustainable farming

Hill Holt Wood – woodland enterprise

Hockerton Housing Project – sustainable housing

Chagfood – community supported agriculture (CSA) – farming with horses

Stroud CSA – very well established and successful CSA

Darren Doherty – leading light in permaculture design

Soil Association – supporting the organic movement

Garden Organic – supporting organic growing

The Centre for Alternative Technology

The Agroforestry Research Trust – forest gardening research and development

Hedgelink – Resources and support for hedges –

Wakelyns Farm – Suffolk, organic agroforestry, food, horticulture hub –

The Plunkett Foundation – supports co-operatives and social enterprises in rural communities

The Kindling Trust – Farm Start – helping people to make the first step to earning a living on the land

Permaculture Magazine

Ecological Land Cooperative – sustainable rural livelihoods

The Land Workers Alliance

Organic Growers Alliance – information exchange for growers

The Urban Farming Guys – resources for sustainable urban farming

Farm Hack – open source resources for agricultural tools

The Organic Research Centre – Elm Farm

Federation of City Farms – access to Farms

Community Land Advisory Service

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Food security and the decline of the oil-based food system  AHoldaway_MAProject_foodsecurity