It is important to us that The Garden House helps to improve the environment both for people and wildlife both on site and in the context of the local and wider area.  We would like the Garden House to help people to enjoy the outdoors, learning about working sustainably with the land, creating and maintaining wildlife habitats and learning about sustainable resources for rural enterprise.

We are looking for local individuals, businesses, schools, charities and organisations who might benefit from the resources that we have available.


Rural Enterprise
Making the countryside a viable place to make a livelihood is important to us.  If it is in keeping with the aims of the project, we are happy to look at supporting individuals with space, networking, ideas, resources, education, etc. Please contact us if you think that we might be able to help.

Client-based opportunities
The project has the opportunity to provide a learning and caring environment to support clients from a range of different special needs backgrounds.  We are keen to create an environment which will offer a rewarding, happy and meaningful way to take part in outdoor activities.

There are always grounds maintenance jobs to do, new projects to develop, and ideas to be thought of.  For example, as our project is still young, we haven’t yet worked out how we will use all the fruit that will come out of the orchard. We will be happy to discuss individual needs, abilities and interests.


The Garden Workshop – Wednesdays (except holidays) 10a.m. – 1:00p.m.
An opportunity for people of varying abilities to congregate for tinkering in our workshop sessions.  This is a chance to create things, mend things, and have a cup of tea with some friendly folk in a warm setting (we have a wood burner for those cold days!).  The idea is for those involved to decide the activities of the day, but others are happy to offer suggestions and advice if required.  Sometimes items are made to fund the workshop, such as wooden reindeers being made at Christmas, but people have mended a chair, experimented with willow crafts (using willow from the estate), made bird boxes, created a mobile shop, etc.  The workshop is also adjoining the garden, so there is potential for overlap there.  Please contact us in the first instance if you are interested in attending the workshop, as we have limited space.   

The idea for the workshop came about from ‘Men’s Sheds’ – a concept which began in Australia to encourage men to get out of the house and avoid isolation.  We are not being gender specific in the approach to our workshop, so please feel welcome whoever you are!


Volunteer – Thursdays (except holidays)
If you are interested in working on the land and learning about the various elements of running a farm, market garden, smallholding, or country estate, either just for fun or as part of a move towards a career in land-based work, then we would love to hear from you.  We would like to offer opportunities for people to be part of this exciting project!  You may be interested in visiting us and getting involved with the Thursday Pop-In!  Please feel free to contact us to find out more.