Green Woodwork at The Garden House

We are very pleased that Steve Scott, who first came to The Garden House for an orchard pruning session, has been able to develop his interest in green woodworking to run sessions here for the Surrey Group of The Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers.  Themes for meetings have included making spoons, stools, and peg boards, and using tools such as a foot operated bodging lathe.  There has been some overlap with our Wednesday Workshop with the Wednesday team making log ‘benches’ for the woodworkers; and Skillway of Godalming have also made a shaving horse which adds to our covered work area resources.

Dates are as and when works for the group, but are roughly quartlerly.

For further information, please email Steve:

Green Woodworking

The Garden House Workshop – Supporting people who enjoy ‘tinkering in sheds’

We are keen to support local people who would like the opportunity to learn and share skills and who generally like ‘tinkering in sheds’.  This might involve making things, crafting, repairing things, up-cycling, and, of course, involve the odd cup of tea and chat!  We have a lovely workspace in which we welcome both men and women.  Sessions run on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. – 1:00 p.m..  Please contact us for more information.

There is a national charity called UK Men’s Sheds Association which will give you a wider idea of the type of things that people have been doing on this theme across the country.

Thursday Pop-In

Thursdays are a day to come and visit The Garden House, whether to take part in tasks or for other activities, such as the Buggy Walk.

In order to bring together the various people who have been helping and are interested in helping at The Garden House, we have now created the “Thursday Pop-In”. This will start from 10am, usually every week, dependent on holidays etc.  We will start with a morning session, but if you choose to stay on, or can only come later, that will be fine.  We are aiming to meet various needs, abilities and availabilities.

Tasks will combine people’s interests with seasonal activities to help The Garden House estate continue on its quest for combining a wildlife habitat with a place for people to enjoy.

Activities will be spread across the estate, involving the development of the new garden, establishing and maintaining the pond area, and supporting the new woodland and orchard.  We hope we can find ways for you to build a connection with The Garden House and for you to benefit in multiple ways, be that learning new skills, having your own project here, learning from our environment, taking away produce, making friends and most importantly, enjoying the experience!

If you would like to have some time during these Thursday Pop-in sessions to just enjoy the estate and not take part in group activities, then that is also fine.  Please talk through how you would like the sessions to work for you and let us know if you are planning to join us, so that we can look out for you.

A place to enjoy!

Over the last few years many people have helped to build up the estate for the benefit of local people to enjoy and to support the wildlife that resides here and passes through.  Having been busy with initial development work to create the features on site, the woodland, the orchard, the pond and the garden, we are now working to spread the word that we are here and would like to make contact with people who could use and benefit from the site, whether able bodied, disabled, people looking for somewhere to recuperate, reskill; students, craftspeople, artists, retirees, or people trying to make a livelihood in the rural economy.

Please contact us about ideas and thoughts that you may have for activities here. You may be interested in our new garden or have ideas that will fit in with what we have already created, such as using willow for crafts or fruit for making pies or cider…

Second-Hand Tools Re-Homed

With increasing numbers of people coming to take part in activities at The Garden House, we will always be grateful for offers of unwanted tools that might be useful around the site, whether forks, spades, wheelbarrows, a rake, a hand-cart, etc.,  Even if tools are not in great condition, mending them might be an activity that someone would enjoy.

Please contact us, if you are able to help.  Many thanks!