Annual Willow Cutting 2022

Thank you to everyone who helped with the willow chop! Willow stems are being distributed to a school, a woodland, a garden and a farm, and will be available for participants to use in The Workshop. We are now ready for the coming year’s growth of bright useful stems! The chop worked out very well on the day between Storms Dudley and Eunice. Not sure how we managed to plan that so well!

Thursday 17th Feb, 2022 – from 10a.m. Free to attend, but BOOKING ESSENTIAL as numbers will be limited.

We are preparing to do our annual willow chop, pollarding last year’s growth, which encourages new straight and colourful stems in the coming year. Not only does this keep the plants looking interesting, but it provides a useful resource for crafts and reproducing willow. Willow is very easy to grow by just inserting a stem into the ground (12 inches is a useful depth guide) and keeping moist whilst establishing.

If you are looking for resources to plant willow in your garden or on your land, or would like to try basket making, sculpture making, build a living willow sculpture or make a fedge (a living fence hedge hybrid), we may be able to help.

Please contact us for more information or to be included in arrangements.