Spring 2020

In these very strange times of Covid-19 lockdown The Garden House has been very quiet, but we can share some of the hidden gems and seasonal sights that you have been missing.  For example, the orchard has been looking magical!

Blossom on the apple trees IMG_6929

The orchard in the evening at the end of April 2020


Apple blossom


A honey bee at work on the apple blossom

Since the lockdown has been in effect, we have put extra effort into making the garden as productive as possible and have been donating fresh produce to local people in these difficult times.


The clear skies, due to lack of aircraft, have been glorious!


Sky over the estate clear of aircraft contrails during the Covid-19 lockdown

Around the estate, numerous flowers and shrubs have been cheerfully blooming.


As we were recently asked to create some kind of digital communication by one of our partner organisations for their clients, it led to a video diary being produced.  Now that we have made one, maybe more will come!