Orchard Pruning

The pruning session on 25th February saw 10 people participate in our guided pruning session.  Three years after planting, we are still working on the formative pruning to give the trees the shape which they will take for the coming years – we are generally working on open-centred bush formed trees.

Chris McEwan, very kindly brought some of the cider that he and his wife, Becks, made from apples harvested in the autumn for everyone to try, which really was rather good!

Pruning day 25 February 2017

Ben Thomas, and Joyce Turton also came along on other days to help to finish pruning and training, with some awkward branches being tied to anchors to hold branches in place.  A layer of rotted horse manure is due to be added as a mulch to add some nutrients, hold in moisture and suppress weeds.  We will then be ready for this years new growth.

Thank you all and see you later in the year for some fruit!


Manure is available from The Garden House, should you also need some for your garden or project.  Contact us for more information. More info about the orchard here.